Ricardo McRoy(non-registered)
God bless Yahweh is our Elohim
Joshua Kruythoff(non-registered)
The church is very impressive, espically when it comes to other churches.
Lannetta Hall(non-registered)
Looks like it was a very spiritual and blessed day. Good job to everyone that help put together such an inspiring day.
Lannetta Hall
New Jerusalem SDA.
CHAFES Prayer and Gift Ministry Advocating Three Angles Message(non-registered)
Lord, I am upset, Virtue come to town sister sisters of D's Red Kitchen Sink and I was not there. Now I know Lord Jesus, that the world does not stop for Virtue's coming and going, but like me and my family they are up and out of New Orleans, and when they come to Oakwood it is an African Native American Creole worship hour gong on in the Kingdom of God. I may not forget it but I will get over it. For old time sack and in memory of Howard Cox, Steve Sylvester, Pam Herbert Johnson, Linda Mathies, Jack Ward, and Lewis their Dad; who touches how to sing and life and enjoy life while it last before it is all gone, life will go on and Virtue the Stellia Award, Dove Award, Gospel Award Seventh Day Adventist sing group, and one of America's top all Women Gospel Groups in America hopefully will come to Oakwood one again.
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